Camps, Trips and More

Summer Camp

Camp registration FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS is open! Camp will be with Never The Same Camp (NTS) at Indiana Wesleyan University from June 17-21 and costs $332 if you register by May 6. Registration is all through the NTS website, so click here to register Note: We do not offer camp for High School students. If your High Schooler would like to attend a summer camp, please contact us so we can connect you with someone.

Divorce Care

Divorce Care: Middle School is a group for 6th-8th grade students navigating the terrain of a changing family. Divorce Care is a five-week group focused on helping students understand that they aren’t alone in their struggle, know that they are loved and cared for by God, and discover tools to help them as they navigate the unknown. This group will meet every Tuesday at the East Paris Campus from February 27-March 27, and will be overseen by Lifeline staff member and Licensed Professional Counselor, Alena Grieser.