January 23 & 27

Current Series:


The unopened series is where we take a look at some of the gifts of our faith that God gives us, that we sometimes might forget are there.

Bottom Line: The Kingdom of God is a place where God is in charge.

Small Group Questions:

  1. Share Highs & Lows from the week
  2. What was something that happened in your life that seemed unfair?
  3. Did you agree with how the Proverbs said the world should work? Why or why not?
  4. Were you surprised by any of the people Jesus said were blessed?
  5. Which of the two things that were talked about tonight, believe or repent, do you think you need to do?
  6. What are some of the other things we can do to experience the Kingdom of God while we wait?
  7. Pray


  • Summer Trips – We will be releasing pricing and registration for our summer trips soon! We’re so excited for each of these experiences and the powerful things God will do in and through us! Here are the trips and their dates:
    • NTS Summer CampMiddle & High School Students – June 16 – 20
    • Grand Rapids Serving TripMiddle School Students – July 14 -18
    • Dominican RepublicHigh School Students – July 13 – 19
    • Life Remodeled DetroitHigh School Students  – August 10


  • South Carolina Serving Trip – Our High School students will have an opportunity this Spring Break to travel to South Carolina with Lifeline and serve with Beach Church in Myrtle Beach. Their county was devastated by the floods from Hurricane Florence, but it didn’t make headlines as much as NC. 6000 homes were flooded, 1100 work orders have been put in and so far only 60 of those have been filled. Locally we are doing what we can but it is a tall order! The trip dates are March 31 – April 5. Registration for this trip will open soon!


  • Senior Sneak – Each year we take our Seniors away for a weekend in Chicago to celebrate their last year as students in Lifeline. Registration will open soon, but the dates for this trip is April 26 – 28


  • Anxiety Group – This group is for High School students only. Anxiety Group is a chance for students who are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed to talk with others who are feeling something similar. Anxiety Group is a six-week group focused on learning more about anxiety and how to tackle it, as well as addressing the spiritual side of stress. This group will meet on Tuesdays at the East Paris Campus from February 12-March 19 and will be led by Alyssa Wozniak & Jettie Velthouse, who is a licensed therapist. For more info visit our events page.

Curious about the schedule?